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925's origin comes from a variety of businesses. Installation of office furniture, office stationery supplies, office furniture manufacturing, Bookkeeping and website creation

Creating your first website can be a daunting proposition. The language used to describe the various functions is a steep learning curve by itself. We can guide you in this and help you create your online presence. We can also help you choose a format that you will be able to do some of the work yourself if you wish.

Setup your email so you have meaningful email addresses. This will help in instantly recognising important messages.

Host your website for you so there is only one point of contact for administering the various elements that make up your online proposition. Manipulate your photos/images so they will display as you want.

Give you a detailed action plan outling the stages of creating your website. Ensuring that it is online and performing how you want it to.

  • Navigation on a website can be terrible or great. The sites that are avoided usually have bad structure. This is often thought as trying to hide the facts. It seems to be the preferred way of the large corporates or they just put too much other content in the way.

  • We can assist you with your text content, image manipulation, image sourcing and even CAD drawings if you need them.

  • All businesses must keep accounts of some description to prevent falling foul of HMRC. For more on this please visit our website www.925businessservices.co.uk

  • In our time in business we have needed to think outside the norm. Adapting and adopting new technologies, methods of working. Change is inevitable being able to manage the change needed has become second nature for us.

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